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Switch Phones Without Losing Your Photos, Contacts, And Other Data

This will display various options related to the app. Out of all the provided features, select your AirDrop contact (i.e. your target iPhone). Select the “Not on This iPhone” section to view all the apps that are installed on other devices.

  • If one or both are running macOS El Capitan or earlier, make sure they are both connected to the same WiFi or Ethernet network.
  • Most importantly, extract the external device out of your old computer, and plug it into the new computer and paste all the data from the old computer.
  • During the setup process, on the Apps and Data screen, select Move Data from Android.
  • Fpart and fpsync run on Linux and BSD-based systems, including the Mac.

Before the updates were released, some Apple Watch models needing to be restored had to be mailed to an Apple Repair Center. In many cases, however, this is no longer a requirement thanks to the latest software updates, and you can restore a… This could take several hours to complete, so make sure you’ve got something else to do in the meantime. Choose a backup from the list of timestamped backups, then click Continue.

How Transfer Data From One App To Another App In Android

Power users and admins get more control when setting up iOS devices. Create editable ‘blueprint’ backups, which you can then restore to multiple iOS devices at once. Add or remove apps from your blueprints, and configure which files are included in which app. You will now get to pick a restore point, so choose the latest available one.

As mentioned, it could take quite a bit of time for your iCloud restore to complete. Even after the iPhone loads, you’ll notice that it then downloads all your media and apps. It copy my data apk can easily take several hours for a phone to be restored using iCloud.

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Unfortunately, no matter which method you use to carry all of your data over will require some sort of interaction with the iPhone’s screen. Lastly, the Google Drive stores a little bit of everything. From contacts, to photos, and documents, you can back up a lot of content to Google Drive and recover it on your Samsung. Both devices – They will need to be powered on with working touch screens to maximize the content you can transfer. Now it’s time for your Pixel to actually transfer everything.

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Now if you’ve already set up your new iOS device, you won’t be able to move your Android data over to iOS. So ensure you don’t accidentally set up the iPhone. Rather, transfer data before you start using the iPhone.

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